Art. Music. Film. Fashion. Literature. The Internet. The cultural changes swirling around us every day have an impact on what we think, how we act, and even what we wear. And the impact isn’t just on our personal lives, it’s on our business, too.

That’s the thinking behind Culture Scan, a new blog from the editors of REALTOR® Magazine that explores the intersection of real estate, media, and popular culture.

From 2012-2018, through the Weekly Book Scan blog, REALTOR® Magazine kept an eye on the publishing world with the aim of helping busy real estate professionals discover new books and their key insights. Every post was meant to help real estate practitioners become more successful in their careers.

Consider the Culture Scan as a broadening of that mission. After all, cultural literacy comes from a variety of sources. We’ll cover topics as diverse as what music is appropriate in a business setting to how movies and television shows reflect on our business to how thought leaders and tastemakers influence the public's perception of our industry. The Culture Scan will reflect on the presence of real estate in people’s lives and help you leverage viral trends for your business.

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